Calvary Assembly Of God Mc Doom Hosts Health Fair & Hallelujah Night


Calvary AOG McDoom Church will be hosting its Health fair and Hallelujah Night on Saturday November 1st, 2014.

What is Hallelujah Night all about? Hallelujah Night is held to provide a safe place for children to fellowship in a Christian environment rather than going to other Halloween events across Guyana. It is an alternative to celebrating Halloween, which many consider to be a day of evil.


According to the event coordinator, Miss. Carlotta Lord, 

“There is nothing sacred about Halloween. At Hallelujah Night everyone can come out and have good wholesome fun as a family. The children and parents will all enjoy themselves, from toddlers to adults.”

  The Senior Pastor, Rev C. Lall reiterates that,

“This is the function of the church, bringing people together and serving others. Christianity is a big part of Hallelujah Night. This event is a seed that is planted to show people that we can still have fun at church activities, in a safe, Christian environment.”

Fun For All Ages

Activities for the children include: Face painting (done by the best in Guyana Bravo Arts), Pin the tail on the donkey, Bowling, Go fish, Musical chairs, and Hula hooping. Bouncy castles and trampolines will be available as well.  Special appearances will be made by Dora The explorer, Sponge Bob and other popular cartoon characters compliments of Tons of Fun.

The adults will be entertained by activities such as Dominoes, Table Tennis, Bingo and many more.

Costume Competition 

Costumes at Hallelujah Night are as elaborate as anything in the neighborhood streets, and they are not restricted to Bible characters—you are as likely to see Dora, Spider Man, and Snow
White as you are to see King David, Mary, and Joseph.  A stage show will be hosted for children to showcase their costumes followed by the distribution of prizes for the best of the lot.


In an effort to achieve its original purpose of combating the dark forces upon which Halloween is based, Hallelujah Night provides a practical alternative to  trick-or-treating, going to scary parties and other events that promote Halloween.

Refreshments will be available and inlude the likes of popcorn, chili dogs, drinks, snow cones, cotton candy, white puddin, brownies and many more items.


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